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le 8 novembre 1985 - Bohémienne [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Corinne Delacour Bell

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le 8 novembre 1985 [Jun. 8th, 2013|03:52 pm]
Corinne Delacour Bell
My son is three months old now. Part of me finds that very hard to believe, but he is growing bigger every day. Il est trop beau, mon fils. Now is the time, I suppose, when everything I write will be about my little boy, but he is the center of my world (sharing the spot with his father, of course!). I am starting to get used to the lack of sleep. Tim has had the advantage there thanks to his strange sleeping schedule at St. Mungo's, but it had taken me longer to adjust.

I promise Tim and I will try to become more social in a few months, but for now, we have our hands a little full. Visitors are more than welcome if you feel impatient, like my son who is must have woken up now. Time for a change, I'm sure.